Ange-Emmanuel, Double degree

Hello everyone, my name is Ange-Emmanuel Kadjo. I come from the University Felix Houphouet Boigny Abidjan in Ivory Coast. I follow the double degree diploma at IÉSEG, let me introduce you to my life in Lille.

Why did you chose to study in France?

Because of the language and the quality of the diploma and the courses at IÉSEG.

What do you like at IÉSEG?

The parties, people are kind, welcoming. The system is similar and teachers are available. Quality of the classes is excellent, I gained a lot of knowledge. I improved my IT skills a lot.

How is it to live abroad?

At the beginning, I would say it was difficult. Indeed, I was far from my family, don’t know the people. Integration and culture is a lot different. Culture shock is real. Now I feel more at home. I feel more welcomed as well. I have a very good vibe. Everything is easy now that I am used to it.

What were your first thoughts when you arrived in France?

People are not as welcoming as back home. They seem not so eager to meet. They don’t smile. But then it changed for the best!

Where did you travel? Tell us about your trips!

For my birthday, I went to Strasbourg and then to Reims for drinking Champagne. People are different, there are many blondes. The accent is different. It is more connected to Germany. People were curious about me, two invited me for dinner and asked me many questions. It was great and they gave me many gifts such as scarfs etc.

What don’t you like about France?

People are complaining a lot more than back home. Every time there is a little problem, they make a big deal about it. There is always something to complain about. The way people are not welcoming at the beginning is not very pleasant either.

Do you have a funny anecdote to share?

French people have funny stereotypes: Sometimes, they can’t joke with me because they are scared to be racist. So they ask me in the first place.

What will you remember from this experience?

It’s a real added-value because I practice my English. I meet new people from all around of world. My whole surroundings are different now. I really improved on a personal level thanks to this experience. I speak English every day.

Do you have a piece of advice for students interested in studying at IÉSEG?

Before coming here, make sure to have a proper level of English. If you are a coloured person, don’t pay attention to the stereotypes. Be prepared for a new culture. A big change is coming, but it is for the best. Adapt yourself.

Tell us a little bit about your country and where you are from

Ivory Coast is a great place to live. Abidjan is the city of joy. People speak French and are welcoming, weather is great, 25°c all around the year. We like foreigners. There is a great nightlife, the city never sleeps. There are many French brands, we call Abidjan Little Paris.

Like any other countries, be careful at night and check on the Internet for safety zones. Avoid certain neighborhoods. The beach is present as well. Food is tasty and the most important food of all is aloco and garba. It is fried banana plantin with caramel and garba is tapioca with fried fish. Come and visit, you will have a good time.


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